The Platform

USJ VOICE is an official communication initiative created by students in the USJ public relations team in April of 2012 for the University of Saint Joseph.

It is an online news hub and sharing platform made by students for students, hoping to serve as a catalyst for ever growing student interaction and development in the campus, and therefore making it practically more feasible for willing students to help carve the legacy of the University.

Already, it is a collaborative platform, creating more chances for the Student Association, Office of the Student Affairs, the School’s own PR team and the student body can voice out and ‘talk’ to each other. But apart from this, it is a platform that can benefit the students individually as they are given a platform to showcase themselves, achievements are recognized and contribution can be rewarded.

The People

In a sense, this site is being managed by the USJ PR team members, and we are responsible for editing and uploading the content on this site. We work to not only bring our students the news updates they need to know, but we also seek for and encourage the students themselves to come to us and share their stories, skills, research, videos, etc to us so we can help them showcase their work.

As of May 2, 2012, USJ Voice comprises of 8 Student Ambassadors who work tirelessly to keep everything on this site up to date and to help create an active campus life. Click here to see our profiles. Click here to see our Coordinator.

How the Site Works


Mission Statement




Email: usj.voice@gmail.com

or, fill in the below and we will get to you asap.


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