[Review] A Composer’s Survival Kit

Thursday evening, April 26, 2012, our university held the Lecture Recital “Art, Science, and Friendships: Peeking Through a Composer’s Survival Kit” at the Speaker’s Hall. Our Voice reporters, having experience the event first hand, have written the following articles (Dan in English, Gino in Chinese).

Music as a Source of Inspiration

Wielded by the right maestro music is a powerful tool with which compelling stories are told and emotions expressed. The University of Saint Joseph-held concert performed by renowned composer Ms. Wendy Wan-Ki Lee mesmerized the audience with its compelling theme of the quest for inspiration. Vocally paraphrasing Roger Session’s book Questions About Music, Ms. Lee explored the themes of arts and science in her composition and delighted all the audience with a night to remember.

Mrs. Lee explored the theme of human inspiration in her presentation, quoting famous influential historical figures including Thomas Edison and Roger Sessions. Quoted in her presentation and projected in her performance, Mrs. Lee both explored and performed Thomas Edison’s famous “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” in a unique and refreshing way. Mrs. Lee inspired the student audience present and to some of their scholastic hardships through passing on what she calls a ‘survival kit’, which she uses to excel in her studies. The survival kit essentially contains several musical compositions including Japanese Kirie that, when played, aid in the stimulation of the brain and ultimate regeneration of inspiration.

Ms. Wendy Lee is a prolific artist and scholar, mastering the piano and the arts of vocal composition. She currently holds the position of an Assistant Professor of Music Composition at Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition, Ms. Lee has taught at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music and State University of New York at Binghamton before landing in Hong Kong. Ms. Lee obtained her Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory from the University of Michigan, and an FTCL in Piano Performance from the Trinity College of London. 

Dan Shalev, Communications &Media Yr.1




李教授在開始時介紹了數個名人,如愛迪生、Roger Sessions、Igor Strawinsky等,這些名人說了一些名言,啟發了她要積極地從事音樂這條路。她認為,要做好自己的工作,必須要有自己一套的「生存技巧」。她的生存技巧分成三部分,在鋼琴方面,剪紙成為了她的工具,她透過剪紙藝術的複習性,領悟到彈奏鋼琴的美態。

另一個有關友誼的則為 My Cagey Companions, 她利用到不同的樂器來模擬動物的聲音及習性,例如狼便用大提琴來模擬,狗就用小提琴來模仿等。第三個則為 Macroautophagy,李教授以細胞的病變為例子,以細胞的特性來演繹歌曲。


Gino, Year 2 Communication and Media


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