[Review] USJ Career Day

Career Day

The yearly job-securing phenomenon has come and gone once again with much of the same pleasantries and anticipation during the event. Miniature interviews and form-filling on-the-spot were aplenty as mainly USJ students fought their way around the two rooms filled with representatives from different companies at different stalls.

Fighting for the Job

Tuesday saw a rush of feet, well-dressed people, registration forms and free gifts as our university held USJ Career Day 2012 in room C07 and C08 of Nape 2. Seizing the obvious opportunity the event presented, at around 2 pm, the doors opened, and a job-hunting horde of expectant students trampled in, flashing their fresh CVs as they went. This event, organized by  Dr Leanda Lee, coordinator of the Career Center, was a great success.

None of the 23 companies and organizations that took part in the event lost time drawing in the people and explaining the various benefits and opportunities they had to offer, quelling doubts and answering the various questions directed at them. Small forget-me-not souvenirs like files, pens and stickers were distributed generously, to the joy of all the attendees. There were also attempts to better engage the students. For example, one stall was showcasing a business plan competition the company is presently marketing.

Don’t think this was an event merely for the Year 4 students (those USJ guys and girls studying in their last year of their respective Licentiate programs). Other students from other years also made their way to Nape 2 to see what all the commotion is about and filled in registration forms for a shot at a job, to make sure they have something lucratively rewarding to do in the summer. And of course, some were just curious, walking around with a non-chalant bounce in their step.

Even TDM, the infamous broadcasters you all know about, were at the event, taking videos and interviewing students. Our event was hosted on their news as well. Scroll to the bottom for links to the videos!

It’s my great pleasure to say that a mostly happy and constructive vibe was present throughout the event, but I must add something important here. Despite the majority of students being primarily Cantonese speakers, the University of Saint Joseph is still an English University with many international students (with no Macau ID cards). As unfortunate as it is, events like these meant to help the students are completely non-beneficial to our international students, because by law, they are not allowed to work in Macau with a mere student visa.

On the the other hand, it is possible that, with the help of a willing company, a student can seize a working visa and thus be allowed to work (and pay taxes). With this method, however, they are effectively bound by law to keep working, constantly. This is a drawback for many as they then have nowhere near the flexibility the local students tend to have in arranging their school and work schedule. They, like the local students (the majority of whom work), feel they need this experience of working as a major part of their education, and as students representing a Macau Educational institution, they want to have legal protection.

This opinion was expressed by at least two international students interviewed by thisVoice reporter. The fact remains that, as much as the international students wish to be given the same opportunity to explore this side of student life, they can’t. At least not for the time being.

Apart from this glitch in the system, the majority still benefit, the students were happy to get the chance to apply and speak directly to people from a variety of businesses, and the event was quite successful. Next year, let’s hope for an even bigger and more engaging event so that students teachers and recruiters will be part of an even richer experience.

Mukeh A. G. Kanagbo – Year 1, Communications and Media


Here are some links you can go to for more understanding of the Event.

And here are the links to the news TDM posted online:


This Video shows the highlights of what transpired on Career Day. See if you can spot yourself!

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