Let’s celebrate!

Our USJ Team went on as Finalists in the 1st University Business Knowledge Competition held at Macau Forum last Sunday, March 25, 2012!

This very public competition was organized by the Macau Foundation, TDM, and Macau Foundation of Certified Accounts. This means, the success of the USJ students was captured on film and our glory was broadcast on TV!

The Rundown

13 teams from 9 universities in Macau graced the stage: Escola Superior das Forças de Segurança de Macau, City University of Macau, Macau Institute of Management, MUST, IFT, MPI, UMAC, Kiang Wu College of Macau, and our University, University of Saint Joseph. Each team had to battle out their wits in the Semi-Final Round to enter in the Finals.

After competing with the University of Macau and Kiang Wu College of Macau on the Semi-Final Round, the USJ Team emerged with the highest garnered score, giving them a spot in the Finals! The team was composed of dedicated and committed students from our university. They are: Ocean Wu Pou Fai (Year 2), Evie Ma Ngai Fei (Year 3), Geri Song I Teng (Year 4), Wilkristoffer Jade Ong Cuy (Year 4) and spearheaded by their Team Leader Danny Cheung Kuai Chok (Year 4). The team was under the supervision and training of several USJ Professors, including Prof Kong Fan Qing, Prof. Harry Xia, Prof. Vincent Yang, Michael Lio and most of all our leading teacher, Joanne Hun. Thank you very much professors! Special thanks also to Joy Akon John Ekanem who helped in the attires and other needs of our team. Thanks Joy! We would also like to thank those who have taken part in the TDM shooting on 15 Mar and those who came and support the students in the competition.

The TDM Agenda

Now, guess what? You get to catch the action as it happened because…the coverage of the competition will be aired on TDM, and soon! So tune in to watch our team as they went head-to-head with other universities! The competition will be aired in the following schedule:

  • 31st Mar 2012, 8:00AM – Semi-Final Round (ESFSM Team A, City University of Macau Team A, MIM Team A)
  • 1st Apr 2012, 9:00AM – Semi-Final Round (MUST Team A, IFT Team A, MPI Team A)
  • 7th Apr 2012, 8:00AM – Semi-Final Round (USJ Team, UMAC Team A, Kiang Wu College of Macau Team A)
  • 8th Apr 2012, 9:00AM – Semi-Final Round (MUST Team B, IFT Team B, MPI Team B, UMAC Team B)
  • 14th Apr 2012, 9:00AM – Final Round (USJ Team, ESFSM, IFT, MPI)

Don’t miss it!

And now, on behalf of the Student Affairs of USJ, congratulations to our USJ Team for their preparation and sheer determination to represent our university. And to everyone who supported our team, thank you very much!


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