[Review] A Night to Revive Classical Cello

The glory of the Baroque harmony

As the sun set yesterday, royal harmonic notes of the glory Baroque days were filled up in the air of University of St. Joseph’s Concert Hall.

We had the pleasure of receiving a very outstanding cellist from Taipei, Ms. Yi-Pei Lee, who is an active soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician and a music educator that got a “Distinction Award” for her magnificent touch in Cello.

A Voiceless Melody Evening

The tonal colors shown off by Ms. Yi-Pei Lee solo performance were astonishing, from all six Solo Vioncello’s suites of Johan Sebastian Bach in G Major and D minor, containing six movements each; a formal Prelude followed by the dance-based Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Menuet I/II, and an ending with Gigue. Each suite maintains a distinctive character through its six movements, and the set as a whole displays a pompous progression from simple to complex and from naive to profound. The placement of such music within the capacity of the solo cello brings certain austerity, which deepens its integral strength and is central to its authority for those who know and love it.

Smooth and Wild

Ms Yi-Pei Lee treated the second half section with a sumptuous arrangement of some 20th century Spanish delights of Gasper Cassado’s Suite for Violoncello, consisting in three dance movements: Preludio-Fantasia, Sardana, and Intermezzo E Danza Finale; these who made our audiences dazzle.

The Soloist’s choice for the finale was a Premier in Macau, a contemporary smooth and wild arrangement named Elegy and Capriccio, composed by Wendy Wan-Ki-Lee, a Chinese Composer from Hong Kong; that through the cellist’s sheer virtuosity had almost the entire audience on its feet cheering and applauding.

Jerusa Antunes – year 3 Communication and Media

Check out the video!


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