Be Yourself singing contest

USJ Students Association hosted the ‘Be Yourself’ singing talent competition finals at Park Wai garden. And what a night it was!

As the two spirited MCs (Mukeh and Michelle, who introduced themselves as the night’s ‘M&M’s) took us through the night’s agenda, we were treated to wonderful vocal performances by the 8 finalists.

Being an evening of competition and anticipation, we were all very nervous as to know how it would go down…and we’re pleased to tell you it was a brilliant spectacle.

The Brilliant and Musical Spectacle

Avril Ng, Olen Organo, Norman Mendoza, Luis Concepcion, Ivy Lei, Cheong Tong Tong, Pedro Sou and Kaman Kok. Each finalist had to perform twice, first A Cappella with designated song, and second a freely chosen song accompanied with music. They each rendered the room silent as their voices reverberated through the room, our bones and into our ears…and our eyes were glued to the stage as their presence itself spoke to us.

The finalists were judged by three of our professors, Mr Geoffrey Churchill, prof. José Manuel Simões, prof. Porfiri Aurelio, and artist Priscilla Chow (周佩英).

5 prizes were given out for Crowd Favorite (the one voted for by crowd), Best Performance, 2nd and 1st Runners up and finally the Champion.

Every performer sang their heart out, and showcased their talent on stage with much courage, but in the end, with much discussion, three finally stuck out to the judges. Pedro, with his beautiful, heartfelt song was given third place by the judges and Norman, with a voice like an angel and stage presence that won many hearts over, got the 1st runner up spot.

The undisputed star of the show however, was Luis. With a voice carrying tones like chords dripping with honey, was not only the crowd’s favorite, but was also voted both Best Performer and Champion by the judges. Indeed, it’s only fair to say that the stage was graced with the presence of a real star, potential greatness and fame flowing from his vocal chords in streams.

Alas, we were also entertained with three other special performances during this night of talent; a beautiful song by the artist Priscilla Chow, a hip hop dance performance by two very talented guys from the Now’z dance studio (Facebook link), and two songs from one of our own students, Leong Kin Chon (梁健俊) from the Students Association.

We also want to say a special thank you to talented artist Priscilla Chow for coming and not only helping to judge, but also for her performance and wonderful comments to all the contestants. It was so great to have you! Thank you so much.

For more information and pics on this event, go to the Student Association’s Facebook page here.

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Below is the video highlight reel of what happened.


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