Interview with the Rector

There was an interview with the Rector on March 15th, Thursday, 9:40 am. and questions were asked by Dean of Students, Ms Teresa Loong.

The first question was, ‘What is the vision and mission of the university?’ The Rector answered that the university of Saint Joseph has roots that go back to the 16th century and that they experiment, but only with a clear purpose. He said that USJ is not interested in mass education, and students here can therefore experience a unique and ‘different’ learning environment. An experience that is ethical and challenging and provide opportunities for the students to gain more knowledge, as knowledge is power.

“The role of the University is not just being, but to become” he added, saying that what USJ does is much more than just feeding knowledge. It provides the platform for students to find wisdom.

The second question was, “What is the reason to let USJ students attend the Business Knowledge Competition?”

He said that it is good for the students to interact with the others… that competition is good to broaden perspectives and force us to think, but that he believes in cooperation more than competition. So his view is that the most important thing is not to win per-se, but to allow the student to know how to not only take advantage of each other’s competencies, but to allow the student to grow and Test the validity of what they have learned and their skills in the real world.

This interview was taken as part of the 1st Macau-wide Chinese Business Competition and filmed by TDM. (click the link to see the article on the competition)


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