1st Macau-wide Chinese Business Competition [updated]

We have been filmed!

Today, March 15, 2012 from 9:30 onwards, TDM videographers came to our school, had an interview with the Rector and went about filming different parts of our school, stealthily recording students as they were having their lessons. Your faithful pr student ambassadors tagged along though, to expose the truth!

The Competitive Truth

So what’s happening? Well, five of our Business Administration students representing USJ (of course) are taking part in the 1st Macau-wide Business Knowledge competition (第一屆澳門大學生商業知識競賽) organized by the Macau foundation, TDM (television station), and the Macau Foundation of Certified Accounts.

The students are Wilkristoffer, Danny and Geri (year 4), Ocean (year 2), and Evie (year 3), are very busy studying and preparing for the competition. They will go head to head with other universities on March 25th for the semifinals. The team is being supervised and trained by several USJ professors, including Prof. Harry Xia, Prof. Vincent Yang, and Joanne Hun. Thank you professors!

On March the second, representatives from TDM came to our university and did a promo video shooting (using a student sourced slogan – remember the email you received?) with the students which will be aired any day now (probably today…so check the TV schedule).

They came again today to USJ to take more videos on our campuses so the public can have a clearer understanding of the background of the students taking part in the competition. They walked around from the library to several classes while they are in session. Everyone smiled, yay!

Now, USJ students, as your comrades prepare to do their best to make us proud, don’t forget to give your support to the team and encourage them to do their very best when you see them.

You can go to the competition website here if you want to know more information.









Competition Website


>>Update 1: Interview with the Rector

There was an interview with the Rector on March 15th, Thursday, 9:40 am. This intrview is posted here.

>>Update 2: Competition Agenda

Competition Date: March 25, 2012

Time: 08:30 – 17:30

Place: Forum de Macau Hall 2 (google maps)

Time Procedure
08:30 ─ 09:05 Semi-final:Round 1

1. Escola Superior das Forças de Segurança de Macau (ESFSM)-Team A

2. City University of Macau-Team A

3. Macau Institute of Management (MIM)-Team A09:05 ─ 09:10Judges Comments09:10 ─ 9:30Clearance09:30 ─ 10:05Semi-final:Round 2

1. MUST –Team A

2. IFT – Team A

3. MPI –Team A10:05 ─ 10:10Judges Comments10:10 ─ 10:30Clearance10:30 ─ 11:05Semi-final:Round 3

1. UMAC- Team A

2. Kiang Wu College of Macau -Team A

3. USJ- Team A11:05 ─ 11:10Judges Comments11:10 ─ 11:55Clearance11:55 ─ 12:40Semi-final:Round 4

1. MUST – Team B

2. IFT –Team B

3. MPI –Team B

4. UMAC- Team B12:40 ─ 12:45Judges Comments13:00Announce the finalistFinal RoundTimeProcedure15:30 ─ 17:154 groups will enter in the final round.

Judges will give comments after ‘Show Time’.17:30Announcement of the championship and the awarding ceremony.


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