The Beauty of Fine Classical Russian Music

Yesterday, USJ successfully held the Russian Romances (Vocal and Chamber Music) concert at the Macau Cultural Center.

All virtuosos on stage gave a unique performance that shall not be forgotten.

All present at the University of Saint Joseph held Russian Concert enjoyed an evening of enticing Russian classical composition that highlighted the beauty of fine Classical Russian music. Organized by our own Olga Cabral, coordinator of the USJ Russian Center, with tact and verve, and this event will stay in the memories of all.

With Tact and Verve

Featured in the concert was Lithuanian vocalist Dr. Remigijus Sabaliauskas moved the audience with his magnificent voice and unique mastery of vocal control. His voice and presence on the stage captivated the audience and made everyone want to have some more. Mr.Sabaliauskas has won international competitions thanks to his incredible mastery of the piano and baritone, both instruments that have awarded him with an unforgettable performance at Ukraine’s Dnepropetrovsk Opera Theatre.
Apart from the unique presentation of Russian classical composition the concert paid a humble homage to the Russian pen master Alexander Pushkin, giving voice to some of his famous works that included the Queen of Spades and Aleko. In addition to music virtuosos from around the globe who travelled to the Macau cultural center to delight local audiences, our very own Professor Kiu Tung Poon projected great mastery of the piano playing Shostakovich’s first piano trio with guest artists Ms. Nova Wong and Ms. Pei-Chieh Chang.
Ms Cass Ho and Ms Aimee Sung, also guest artists, joined them on stage and together they delighted the audience performing Arensky’s Quintet. Having a rich and diverse musical background, Ms. Poon has performed in international festivals and concerts including the famous Aspen and as a soloist at Tanglewood. Ms. Poon received a positive review by the New York Times Newspaper as well as the Boston Phoenix for her contribution to the musical world and her unique vocal signature. Along with her on stage Ms. Sung, Ms. Chang, Ms. Ho and Ms. Wong showed incredible control of their instruments and revealed the instrumental connection that exists between the artist, his instrument and the composition.
Their presence on the stage did not go unnoticed and altogether made the music come alive and touch the audience.
The concert was mesmerizing and captivated the audience, proving once more that classical music, like wine, appreciates with the years. All virtuosos on stage gave a unique performance that shall not be forgotten, and granted us all with a small peek into the vast world of Classical Russian music.

Dan Shalev 1st Year Communication & Media student
Watch here the full performance of the night:

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